Newton Housing Authority

Haywood House

Newton, MA

Newton, MA

BWA Architecture is designing a new housing development to fill the void of elderly housing within the authority’s portfolio. Haywood House design will integrate with an existing housing development providing a community center, laundry facility and fitness center to serve as community engagement spaces. During the conceptual design phase, BWA developed a creative site and building design which eliminated structured parking, and increased the unit count from 35 to 55. The building’s form and interior unit layout is a response to the challenging site constraints of topography and property boundaries.

The project underwent a prolonged and exhaustive community review and zoning process. BWA assisted the Newton Housing Authority throughout the process and through several DHCD One Stop Funding rounds. NHA was able to secure a mix of financing, including Low-Income-Housing-Tax-Credits, in April of 2021. The project is being constructed through Chapter 149A CM at Risk and is expected to be completed in February 2023. The project has been designed with an emphasis on sustainable and durable materials and applying universal design principles so that people of all abilities can easily navigate and enjoy the common facilities and their units.

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Senior Housing




55,865 sf



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